Monday, 26 October 2009

Uggghhhh I hate my craft room!

It is cluttered messy and I cannot find a thing. I wish there was a crafting version of Kim and Aggie, I would love somebody to help me organise and clean up this sad and messy craft room.

The problem is I have loads of different "Hobbies" Scrapbooking, Cardmaking Cross Stitching, Jewellery mkaing and Art Journalling. They are all jumbled up in here and I finding it really difficult to concentrate.

So if anybody out there wants to come over to mine for the day and help you are more than welcome!!!!!

Anyhow, it is half term here and the kids are on their computers doing what kids do. Me; I am sitting here in my room contemplating what to do next, I have done the weeks shopping online, being delivered tommorow.

Last week I went with my friend Jane to the new Hobby craft that has opened up in Thanet, it's OK but some of the prices I felt were on the dear side. I did manage to get some clear christmas baubles that I have got plans for, so watch this space.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How can one make so much mess

Ok I had an order from my friend for christening card and a wedding card, when would she like them I ask her, "oh this Saturday" she replies. Yikes I have only got two days to make them.

Challenge set, I came up with these. Now I find it very difficult to make christening cards at the best of times, it's not bad, but I feel as though I could of done better.

The wedding card took slightly longer as there are a lot of layers to it. I used Stampin up cardstock, inks and Nestabilities by Spellbinders

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Holiday and a moan.............

Well I am back from my Hols, spent a really nice week in the South of France, soaking up the sun and just relaxing. I even found time to do some of my Cross stitch !

Now for the Moan, I'm sorry I have to get this off my chest: Smokers and Stash.

Just recently I bought a long awaited cartridge for my cricut, I opened the VERY well wrapped package, to be met by a stained silicone mat and a pungent smell of smoke, so bad in fact that I needed to use my Inhaler.

This was not from EBay but from a forum,yes I know that there is no comeback so to speak, but we can leave feedback. Now my dilemma is do I PM the seller and say politely that her stash stinks or just leave it and not leave a feedback at all?
What would you do?


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Aha Me again. well it's been a busy day so far, Lots of packing and getting ready to goaway.

My DD Birthday aswell, opening presents, she is now having a blast on the Wii with Daddy and Bro.

HHHMMM I have been challenged by Jane on getting photos on here. Can I do this ?......................

What can I do with this, I thought to myself when I saw this in my local craft shop.

A few days later, lots of glitter and hot glue, a waft of ribbon and a page of patterned paper it changed to this!

What is it I hear you ask.....................

It's a gift card or money holder, sure beats an envelope LOL.

Have a great day


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Well this blogging lark didn't start well for me did it, I forgot to add new posts LOL!!!!!

My friend Jane helped me add this snazzy background to my Blog thanks Jane.

It's my DD's Birthday tomorrow and she will be Ten, yikes where do the years go, I remember bringing her home from the hospital, it only seems like yesterday.

Friday, 17 July 2009

EEEk what have I done.

Hi there,

This is my Brand new blog.

Well it has been an emotional day today, lots of people leaving and lots of tears and goodbyes.

Got my new timetable, can't say I am overjoyed by it. I guess there will be a few tweaks every now and again. I just wish they would listen and put us where our skills are not "oh lets put her there and see how she gets on"

Sorry for the moan, I am tired, it has been a very busy week at work.

Now its time for the holidays to begin *Yeah*