Monday, 26 October 2009

Uggghhhh I hate my craft room!

It is cluttered messy and I cannot find a thing. I wish there was a crafting version of Kim and Aggie, I would love somebody to help me organise and clean up this sad and messy craft room.

The problem is I have loads of different "Hobbies" Scrapbooking, Cardmaking Cross Stitching, Jewellery mkaing and Art Journalling. They are all jumbled up in here and I finding it really difficult to concentrate.

So if anybody out there wants to come over to mine for the day and help you are more than welcome!!!!!

Anyhow, it is half term here and the kids are on their computers doing what kids do. Me; I am sitting here in my room contemplating what to do next, I have done the weeks shopping online, being delivered tommorow.

Last week I went with my friend Jane to the new Hobby craft that has opened up in Thanet, it's OK but some of the prices I felt were on the dear side. I did manage to get some clear christmas baubles that I have got plans for, so watch this space.


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