Tuesday, 19 July 2011

HHHMMMMM last week at work...........

Oh boy does it feel strange.

I am leaving work on Friday along with 5 other TA's who were told in March that our Job's were at risk and they had to make redundancies, What a shock that was.

A 50% TA staff cut.

Am I sad, yes I am, I have given almost 6 years to the school, I have seen some lovely pupils blossom into very mature students. I have witnessed some disturbing behaviour by some students, wondering how will I cope with this; I did and I am proud of that.

On Monday a group of girls who I support gave me some lovely cards, they were most upset when I let them know I would not be returning in September and they begged me to stay, alas I cannot.

I wish all of the students I support the very best for the future and I hope that you achieve your goals.

Friday I feel will be the most difficult day, finding people to say goodbye to; knowing that I am unlikely to see them again.

The thought hurts a lot and I am in tears now.