Monday, 2 July 2012


Hi there,

Strange title for a post I know, but I have to ask this question. Why do people feel the need to send really horrible comments.

I had a couple of nasty comments and to be honest I was really upset by them and it put me off posting on my blog.

This past weekend I was with Oyster Stamps at the Bracknell Sincerely Yours show. In the evening when we were siting in the restaurant of the hotel we were staying in, Ali  said to me that I don't post much on my Blog I told the group what had happened and they couldn't understand it either.

So I am back with and I am going to carry on blogging, if I get anymore nasty comments, I will just delete them and give them the one fingered salute!!!!!!

Now that feel so much better.

Normal service will now resume.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Crafting



  1. How pointless. I'm really sad for you. Try not to worry, there are some very negative people out there, but you are blogging for you and your many followers, don't let negativity put you off. Happy crafting and sharing.

  2. Blowing raspberries to all the saddos, keep blogging Barbara xxx

  3. Hey, the raspberry & one fingered salute will make you feel better:)
    I don't know why people would leave horrible comments either, certainly on your blog which is lovely. This is the 1st time I have visited Barbara,bu it won't be the last because I like what I see & like what you make too!

    Please keep blogging & don't let the nasties beat you!
    Jane x


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