Monday, 16 July 2012

Neat Storage idea!

I have decided rather foolishly to start sorting out the Craft Hut, It is getting in a right old mess and I am unable to find things when I need them as a lot of my stash is here there and everywhere!

Soooooo with the help of a good friend I have started the sort out, she benefits as what I decide to get rid of K gets first dibs. Then what is left I give to another friend who runs a Girl Guide group.

I went along to Pickleberry Paper crafts on Saturday, which sadly has now closed her Bricks and Mortar store as she and her family are moving back up to the Midlands, tho she will still have a online store.

Julie who had a studio there, was packing up her room ready to move , had a bookcase there that she was going to leave, I asked her if I could have it and she said yes, that baby went straight into my car, it replaces one I have in my Hut that is falling apart and it is slightly bigger as well.

So K and I fixed the back of the case today, emptied the old bookcase. I had a really good sort out of all the bits and pieces that were on there, and then started the process of refilling it! I am really happy with that corner of the Hut, just a few more to go LOL.

Any way back to the title of the post, I have a house shaped sectioned box that had been floating around for a while, as K and I were tidying up the drawers in  my Plan chest, she spotted my collection of tissue tape, looked at the house and said why don't you store the rolls of tape in there and hang it up on the wall. So I did and here is what it looks like.

 I'll get round to painting it one day.

Now they are at my finger tips!

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Happy Crafting



  1. Really great idea but all I can think is how much tissue tape you have-I'm so jealous!

  2. When you have finished your sorting would you like to come and do mine!!!!

    Love the little house for the tapes, might have to look into something similar.

  3. Morning Barbara what a great storage idea. I love these little houses. I love to have a tidy every now and again as I always find something I had forgotten about!

    Linda xxx

  4. Fab idea! And I am so envious of all those wash tapes!

  5. How cute! Love the little house.


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