Monday, 25 October 2010

Ouch been an expensive day!

To day has been an expensive day, and nope it was not on craft LOL!!! though I sneaked a quick trip to Picckleberry.

My exhaust on my Big car has has had a really annoying rattle for the last 2-3 months. Well I was in my craft room the other day when my DH (who borrowed the car to go to work) came home, I swear I heard him coming down the lane!

I upped and took the Jalopy to Kwik Fit who quoted me £464.00 to mend it, well you could of picked me up off the floor, I dutifully paid my deposit, then went to the Spray shop to get a quote for fixing the rather large scrape down the side of my car; not my fault this time(DH). Out of curiosity I went into a local whell repair place and asked them how much it would be to fix, well I wish I had gone there first. £200.

Off I went and got my deposit back!

Lesson learned, shop around.


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